Christopher M. Saternus

Attorney at Law and Certified Public Accountant



My professional training started at DePaul University, where I earned my degree in accountancy in 1972.  I graduated from DePaul College of Law in 1977 cum laude and was accepted to the Illinois Bar that year.

Professional Experience

I entered professional practice in the tax division of Arthur Andersen and Company in 1977.  I worked in several sectors, including income and estate tax consultation in the “owner-operated business group” where consultation included tax planning for the business as well as planning for the owner-operators of the business.  I also worked in the real estate syndication group, where investments were evaluated for tax benefits and economic performance.  I became a partner in 1988 and left in 1991, shortly before the firm’s demise.

For the next ten years, I practiced law with two firms, then opened my practice in 2001, engaging in business transactions, litigation, probate, and estate planning and document preparation. I have recently chosen to narrow my focus to estate planning and consultation.


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