Christopher M. Saternus

Attorney at Law and Certified Public Accountant


Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Probate

I provide:
Estate Planning, which includes:

My firm specializes in highly personalized and attentive estate planning, which includes preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney for health care and property and deeds. Beyond those basic documents is planning and consultation for change of domicile, and minimization of Federal and State Estate and Inheritance Tax. I also consult in regard to like kind exchanges and structuring the inheritance of the family business to minimize business disruption and assure inheritance equality as desired.

Estate Planning Insights

If I have a Trust, Why do I need a Will?

In a well-planned estate planning execution, the trust, will, power for property, power for health care and changes to IRA and 401(k) beneficiary designations are signed and the deed(s) transferring real estate into the trust are all executed, witnessed and notarized...

Who Should Participate When Parents are Preparing their Wills?

It is not unusual that one child is closer to a parent or parents.  It would not be unusual when the parent decides that it is time to prepare a will or other estate planning documents that the parent would call on that child to assist.  The parent may ask...

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