My Approach

My approach to this practice is that when you engage me to work for you, I work with you, not a partner, a clerk or a staff person. I meet with you and those persons who should participate in your planning. I personally prepare your will, trust, power of attorney for health care and power of attorney for property. I review your documents with you. I meet with you in person, if you wish, at your office or mine or by zoom. When it comes time to execute documents, I supervise the execution of those documents at your office or mine or by Zoom. 

Every estate plan is unique. Is a disabled child a beneficiary? Are there prior marriages or child(ren) from a prior relationship? Is a change in domicile contemplated? While a well written trust will identify its state of residence, a will must have a witness affidavit which conforms to the state of residence at the death of the decedent. 

Will the wholly owned business go to one child alone? If there are co-owners of the business, is an updated buy-sell agreement in place? Is there a need for life insurance or is there excess life insurance? Are there potential liabilities which must be considered?

If you have real estate that will be part of your estate plan, I will prepare deeds to transfer real estate into your trust(s). I will see to their recordation. Your estate documents will remain with me in pdf and word, offline, and if there comes a time when the trust or will must be amended, a call to me will have the document amended by me and I will supervise the execution of the amended document. These issues and others must be investigated and thoroughly discussed and planned for.

My approach in the area of estate planning and execution is that of a concierge. I do not hand off functions to others. I control the process from our first meeting to my delivery of executed, witnessed, notarized and recorded documents. After the completion of my engagement, I will be available to discuss questions, the impact of estate tax law changes, or changes in your dispositive wishes.

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